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Within our Sunday school classes, we make sure the kids clean up after themselves because “this is God’s house”.  The children have also been involved in outdoor cleanups, again reminding them that this is God’s house and we want it to look nice.  This is the role of the Trustees, to make sure God’s house is taken care of and respected.


The Trustees are responsible for the upkeep of all our St. Andrew church properties:  the church building itself, the outside grounds and the parsonage, where the pastor and his/her family live.


There are always tasks to be performed, have you ever come into church on Sunday and notice that a light bulb is out; then the next week it has been replaced?  That is just one of the smallest responsibilities of the trustees.  They also discuss long range projects to be undertaken as you would for your home then plan and budget for these upgrades or additions.  Thanks to the generosity of our church members, we recently were upgrade the exterior of the garage.  The trustees are responsible for getting bids, picking a contractor and following up to make sure everything is completed in a timely manner and on budget.


Right now you may be thinking “Trustees have special skills, No not really; we also perform numerous jobs that do not need any special skills.  Trustees recently had outside church cleanup, the only qualification was a willingness to work—we scrubbed the outside church siding, raked the yard, cleaned up the flower beds, washed windows so God’s house looks nice.  Do you have a special talent we could use?    So when you hear the trustees are looking for a few good men and women for a project, raise your hand and say “here I am Lord”.